(x2) Gold Rush

Scramble for power with double gold income in this 10x10 4 player free for all! only units that cost 600g or less is allowed.


Unit bans: everything above 600g cost,

CO bans: The twins, Ragna and Vesper

With double gold income every 1 village is worth 2


Are you tired of all these massive time consuming 4 player maps and just want to jump right into the action and have dumb fun?

well this map is for you!


with the troop limitation you dont even need to be that far in the campaign to understand how to use all the troops available making it as noob friendly as possible. 





Note: this map is a complete overhual of my previous map that was called "Happy accident". You can no longer play that version and it has been replaced by this. Updated 4/8/2023


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