Wargroove: Path of Radiance - Greil Mercenaries DEMO


The GameCube Fire Emblem classic is back in Wargroove! Experience the beginning of the game, with each and every cutscene, map, and units recreated from the original as you're enrolled into the Greil Mercenaries as the rookie sellsword, Ike in the country of Crimea. But how that tale unfolds is all in this package...

This campaign is intended for both newcomers and veterans to the original Path of Radiance alike, as the GCN game is much too expensive now, so this is a nice alternative to those that want to experience the epic story on Tellius. Features to look forward to in the full version, due to come out later this year, are:

-40+ wide and varied maps

-29 main story chapters, all recreated to match their original versions

-Many, many lovable and deep characters, both old and new

-Brand new Gaiden chapters that tell the tale of Begnion's 9th Platoon, a sqaudron who ends up getting more than they bargained for when they enter Crimea during the Daein war

-A full-length RPG adventure sure to last you a long time

Please enjoy the demo!

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