Song of the Fallen

Version 0.5.7 of my 2P co-op campaign, "Song of the Fallen"! Currently has 9 maps. The aim is to make something as big in scope as the vanilla campaign, but a (lore friendly) prequel/alternate telling of the world of Aurania with co-operatively focused maps that aim to progressively teach the game mechanics, so that even players totally new to Wargroove can enjoy it.

Playtest vods:

If anyone'd be so kind as to help me test it, I'm always open to feedback or bug reports. Livestreams or recordings help a ton!

As of the latest version, I've added a secret warp zone designed for people replaying the campaign on newer versions to not have to re-do early maps. I'll leave it's activation parameters a secret, but I'll say that it's accessible from the first map.

Changelog (starting from 0.5 onward)

0.5.1 - Fixed a bug in Mission 5 whereby Villager events would not trigger at all

0.5.2 - Big changes to Mission 5: Merfolk spawns are now completely random, but spawn half as frequently. Opening/closing gates and sending gold now happens immediately, as opposed to at the end of the turn. Added Objective changes and an S Rank Failed notifier

0.5.3 - Fixed a bug in Mission 6 whereby enemy reinforcements would never spawn

0.5.4 - Added support for Online Co-op (finally!) Also added a secret warp zone accessible from the first map.

0.5.5 - Fixed conditional flags for certain maps

0.5.6 - Fixed Mission 8 to account for changed Vine behavior, simplified RNG mechanics of Mission 5.

0.5.7 - Fixed Various bugs involving missions 7-2 and 8

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