Rise of Camilla

Play with a powered-up commander with a large number of new abilities in this event-heavy single-player mission!

Introducing Camilla, the ancient vampire that just happens to look a lot like Sigrid. Her abilities are all inspired by classic vampire tropes, such as shapeshifting, manipulating the weather, and mind control.

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Didn't know how else to contact you - I would like permission to use your character, Camilla in my own map that is inspired by this one. Once I upload it both you, your map name and code will be in the description as credited for inspiration. This map has been the best PvE Wargroove map I've played so far. I particularly liked both Blood Rush and Harpy transformation abilities as they are simple and flexible lending themselves to traditional gameplay without feeling out of place or awkward to use. They not only make the player feel powerful but also add a small layer of decision making which I feel has tonnes of potential. I wish to do the same in my own map which I will finish soon (tm). If you'd like to talk to me in more detail you can find me on the official Wargroove discord as "Sikey".

Great mechanics and map. A few comments: * Blood Rush sometimes doesn't work when used in conjunction with the transformation. * The limitation on Enthrall can be removed by handling each of the tiles adjacent to Sigrid individually. This might not have been possible when the map was created; there have been enhancements to the map editor since then.