Madea & the Six Guardians

The impetuous mage Eve leaves Lord Huron's kingdom and enters a new dimension where she must face the six guardians and the mysterious Queen Madea.

  • Full length campaign with an original story spanning 18 stages and over 6 hours of gameplay!
  • Fight using forest spirits, which will return at the nearest village when killed. But beware, your foes will also do the same! You must come up with new strategies to keep your momentum and push your opponents back until you capture each village.
  • After the prologue, you choose which order you face the six guardians, each with their own unique challenges and boss fights! Depending on which bosses you have unlocked you may discover new dialogue to help you get to know the characters and their world.
  • Power up! Each guardian you defeat offers you a new power to assist you with the remaining guardians. Some abilities include giving Eve a headstart in battle, an airborne scout to send ahead to reveal fog of war, the ability to recruit a new unit hidden on each stage, and more! Replay the guardian's challenges fully powered and try to earn an S rank.

Discover the truth about Queen Madea and the Mystic Forest to save both the world of magic and the world of the humans!

Average: 5 (3 votes)


Great campaign! The story is interesting and the cutscenes are well made. The forest spirit and guardian mechanics are fun and make the battles different from typical skirmishes.

Good map