Lobster Continent

The first map I ever made, and the one that has been the most extensively iterated on even before ever seeing the public light. Creating an "organic" feel to the map was prioritized over strict symmetry, but the design is more symmetrical than it seems at first glance.

The initial idea of the map was to create a ring shape around a central sea, where players would be given two main routes to the enemy base - one fully traversible by land, and the other requiring you to hop on and off of an island. Early in the design, I decided I wanted a "side field" that was remote and out of the way of the main conflict but a valuable source of extra income, and branched that off of the "land" path, creating the lobster-shaped landmass that gives this map its name.

Edited March 22: Testing with other players found that player 1 could easily dominate the eastern island with a turn 2 turtle, even when player 2 built a merfolk first. Because of this, player 1 could control both ends of the map with a wagon->turtle->merfolk build and there wasn't any reasonable way for player 2 to contest that. In light of this, the eastern island has been modified so that player 1 has less immediate access to it.

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