Buddies Besieged!

Buddies Besieged ! - A Three Player Co-op map vs. four AI enemies, with one (very shortlived) AI ally. Features some tweaks to AI factions, including altered unit limitations and some modified win conditions. Also includes a handful of lighthearted 'cinematics,' some of which are paired with triggering events that may grant the triggering player faction a small advantage...

The 'story' of this map is that each of the players plays as one of a trio of insular, allied factions who are suddenly turned upon by four neighboring, surrounding factions. Each of these factions has differing strengths and weaknesses, and one is only a reluctant participant in the war who will likely surrender if the other three are defeated...work together, and seek the aid of some local loyalists, to attain victory ... in Buddies Besieged !

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