Baddies & Buddies

Look around this site and you'll probably find a lot of maps based on maps from other turn-based strategy games like Advance Wars or Fire Emblem. But how many maps will you see that are based off of a board game? Baddies & Buddies is a Wargroove-ified adaptation of the classic board game Axis & Allies, where players take on the roles of the rival powers of World War II. However, rather than copy the original game to the extent of making an "Earth but as a Wargroove map" map, Baddies & Buddies seeks to recreate the dynamics of Axis & Allies... while resembling the actual Earth as little as possible!

Baddies & Buddies is a 2v2 map that pits player 1 ("Germany") and Player 4 ("Japan") angains Player 2 ("Russia") & Player 3 ("Britain") (due to the limit of 4 players on a Wargroove Map "United States" had to be omitted). "Germany's" first-turn advantage and easy access to "Africa" will allow them to gain a comfortable economic lead very early, but they'll need it to fight a two-front war from the very start of the match! "Russia" has the most barracks of any player at the match's start and can quickly amass a large ground army, but has no good options for expansion and can end up in hot water later on if her opponents are allowed to build up. "Britain", by contrast, has access to virtually all regions of the map and the bulk of the responsibility of making sure "Germany" and "Japan" don't expand out of control. And finally, "Japan" starts off with the least of any player, but that will be subject to change as they can quickly grab "China" virtually uncontested in the first few turns!

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